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Personal Virtual Teaching and Learning Environment

Posted by slandete on Thursday, April 16, 2009

My first holodeck scene

What you see in the picture is my class inside Second Life for the ABC (Absolute Basic Cornerstone) Scripting that I’ve been teaching for a while. The set is pretty simple: 3 slides and a box that delivers the materials. And yet it took me always like 10 minutes to rez, arrange and align all 4 objects. Those days are gone thanks to Loki Clifton’s (from Inside This World) donation of his company’s holodecks for Muvenation participants.

A holodeck in Second Life is basically a place where you can rez ready-made complicated scenes with the click of a button (more info here). They come with some scenes preloaded but what is interesting is to be able to make your own ones, like the one shown above. And it wasn’t that difficult, following the tutorials made by Shirley Williams and Margarita Pérez, tutors of Muvenation. In a nutshell, you have to add a script to all the objects you want in your scene, make the holodeck produce a crate, put another script in there, put all the objects in the crate and edit a couple of notecards.

A mixture between a PLE and a VLE, this is my new Personal Virtual Teaching and Learning Environment – PVTLE. Wish I was better at picking acronyms.


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