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Module 1, Section 3, Activity 4 – Collaboration

Posted by slandete on Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Post in your blog about the collaboration in your sub group. You may want to think about some of these issues.

  • Was it easy to define objectives and criteria?
  • How did you distribute the work?
  • How did you feel about your own participation?
  • How did you feel about other participation?
  • Where there any problems, or misunderstandings?

Collaboration in my group was practically inexistent because everybody else was busy due to the special time of the year we’re at. Objectives were kind of agreed among the other 2 people that showed up in the forum initially and myself, based on our common interests. As for distribution of work, meetings, etc., there was none. I did some research, found places and completed the activities on my own, up to the guide presentation yesterday. There has been some activity in the forum group today but I don’t think I should do any further work in this section even though I’ll help whoever contacts me if I can.


One Response to “Module 1, Section 3, Activity 4 – Collaboration”

  1. Nick said

    Collaboration can be difficult to organise online. This first activity however provides opportunities to reflect on how we can best organise collaboration, in order to improve the process next time. Perhaps you could share some of these thoughts in the forum, and ask others about how they have experienced the process.

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